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About me: I am Lakshmi, a proud Indian currently living in Oman, Muscat My mother tongue is tamil. i am a vegetarian. i i like crossword, chess, music
Interests: crossword, puzzles, riddles, chess, cricket, music
Skills: can cook, can sing, can play keyboard little bit
Occupation: Working

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Country: Indian
state: Tamilnadu

Currently living in

Country: Oman
State: Muscat
District or county: All
City or village: All

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Kind attn: crossword lovers


1. courtesy i can shown in nursing home, perhaps (11)

Ans: hospitality

2. self ability leads to ancient civilization in south america (4)

Ans: Inca  (I can - self ability, rearranged)

3. o;ne fool follows the other enters the murderer in (8)

Ans: assassin   (ass-fool)

4. pole in the centre shows rust (7)

Ans: corrode   (pole - rod, core-center  core and rod rearranged)

5. software edition installed in antenna for muslim monk  (7)

Ans: dervish  (dish + ver)

more follow soon



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