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USCIS Request for evidence (RFE) cover letter format


Now days USCIS will generate an RFE any kind of new visa (H1, F1 etc) or any change of status applications. Request for evidence usually will have a checklist of documents to submit. It will be great to submit a cover letter, which clearly specify each check list category and what kind of evidence you are submitting for each category. I have been asked for 3 types of documents, which are mentioned below.





    The Officer

    California Service Center



   Your address



Respected Sir/Madam,


This is in response to the Request for Evidence generated for my change of status petition (Receipt number WAC………), dated: ……….. I have already submitted all the documents stated in request for evidence as a part of original change of status petition. However, I am hereby resubmitting the documents in the interest of USCIS.


Evidence to establish financial ability of sponsor to support my education

I am attaching following documents to prove my sponsor’s financial ability to support my education and living expenses.

             1. Last 4 months of bank statements worth of xxxxxx USD.

             2. Last 4 months of stock trading account statements worth of xxxxx USD.

             3. Last 4 months of paystubs to prove continuous employment.

             4. Last 2 year of tax returns to prove continuous employment and/or income.

             5. Proof employment letter from employer, xxx co.

             6. Form -134, Affidavit of Support.

                  <You can add any number of documents like this>


Evidence to prove valid H1B status of my sponsor

1. Last 4 months of paystubs to prove continuous employment.

2. Last 2 year of tax returns to prove continuous employment and/or income.

3. Copy of the current H1B approval notice.

4. Copy of the previous H1B approval notices.

5. Proof employment letter from XXX Co.


Evidence to prove the passport was valid at the time of application

             1. Copy of all relevant pages of my passport. Passport is valid until <date>.

             2. Copy of H4 and I-94 approval notice.


I hereby declare that all of the information given above is true to best of my knowledge and I would like request to approve my change of status application.


Thank you,
NAME                                                                                                                xx/xx/2010

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Posted in Legal / Immigration category on Nov 20 2010, 12:22 AM
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Commented by Administrator on Dec 09 2010, 10:19 PM
Thanks for putting good article

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