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Sample letter of teacher evaluation (Rate professor)

I had been told to rate one of my professors by submitting a feedback letter. I used the following format to rate my professor.It might help you during your education in US where you usually got to assess your teachers.




OCT 02nd 2008


Graduate Student

Dept of xx

xxx University





To Whom It May Concern




        It is my privilege and great pleasure to write this letter behalf of Dr. X,
Asst. Professor, Dept. of xyz
. I have known Dr. X from past 4 months as a volunteer researcher initially and as a graduate student thereafter.  I would take this opportunity to point out her capabilities as a teacher and a researcher, comprised as four major categories.




                      Dr. X is extremely knowledgeable not only in her research areas but also in subjects like . I was always amazed by the interest she shows to acquire more knowledge and leverage it in research and teaching. I have not seen any situation she do not have proper answer whenever I asked any questions regarding my subject of research. I am really impressed by the depth of knowledge she has in research we are doing.


Hardwork and Enthusiasm


                Dr. X is very hard working and her enthusiasm towards her research and goals makes her focused and dedicated. Dr. X is well qualified, dynamic and enthusiastic to ensure that her students get quality education they deserve. Thus I can state with absolute certainty that Dr. X has what it takes to be an exceptional teacher and a researcher.


Communication Skills

                 Dr. X has got very good communication skill to explain the subject in a simple and systematic way, which will make any student comfortable and confident about the subject. Initially I joined in her lab with out any prior experience in subject, but her simple and friendly lectures helped me a lot to get up to the speed and excel in my work and studies.





                 Dr. X shows enormously great patience to make anybody comfortable in the subject. As I said earlier, she has spent so many hours with us to explain various lab techniques which made me thorough in what I am doing at lab.      


Dr X is not only friendly but also is gauging our needs as graduate students. She displays a genuine concern for the advancement of her students. As a mentor she freely shares her knowledge and experience and helps us to be confident in the chosen field of research.


In a nutshell, Dr. X is one on the best teachers and mentors I ever had in my life and I strongly believe she will be given a great value to our department and X University.



Thank you




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