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About me: Luxury Holiday Trek (P.) Ltd. Is a legally registered holiday operator agency operated by dedicated professionals in pursuit of providing the best possible services to the adventure lovers and explorers in this Himalayan nation, Nepal.
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Trekking in Upper Dolpo Region of Nepal

Upper Dolpo Trekking is arranged between the high Tibetan level and the Dhaulagiri Himalayan range and it is the most noteworthy possessed place where there is the Dolpo Region. It initiates from Kathmandu by traveling to Nepalgunj and afterward flying from Nepalgunj to Juphal to begin the trek. The trek likewise closes at Juphal and we take a similar course back to Kathmandu. Since 1984, it has been the nation's biggest national stop and preservation region and the recreation center maintains a lot of natural life including Musk Deer, Himalayan Blue Sheep, Snow Leopard and Yaks. The Upper Dolpo Trekking initiates from Juphal and makes a brilliant experience, experiencing fascinating spots, individuals, towns, valleys and peaceful woodlands of pines, oaks and rhododendron blossoms. The trek passes numerous colossal mountain ranges and over the Num La go at (5190m) until the point that we come to the Phoksundo Lake at Ringmo town in the "Phoksundo National Park".

Phoksundo Lake is an expansive delightful zone where we spend two or three evenings and investigate the lake, individuals, town and culture. Ringmo town is secluded inside the Kanjirowa Himalayan range and it influences you to feel more joyful and appreciate the air. Shey Gompa conveys a great deal of history and it is an appealing and one of the most established religious communities in Nepal. They have particularly their own particular culture and dialect, which is fundamentally the same as with Tibet being near the outskirt and they import most things from Tibet. When they wed, the service is performed by their own particular society. It is an altogether different scene where they are not ready to develop many products on account of the chilly and the landscape is of mostly leave and moraine. The trek will guarantee you can appreciate and investigate the Dolpo area with its people groups, societies, its history, lake, religious communities, high passes, Tibetan societies and moraine scenes.

Upper Dolpo trek takes you to one of the most noteworthy possessed places on earth. There are scattered towns, old religious communities in a greatly detached district, maturity religion with magnificent individuals. The adventure is to a great degree testing. It includes crossing high passes. The tracks are deceptive on account of steady snowfall. In any case, it is all justified, despite all the trouble at last. While on the Upper Dolpo trek you will likewise run over Shey Phoksumdo Lake (3,620 m) said to be Nepal's most profound lake. It is acclaimed for its serious sea green/blue shading. Leaving to Jomsom through lower Mustang is a decent alternative for the individuals who love to encounter more wild. This shocking trail goes southeast intersection some high passes and remote towns to Jomsom.

Upper Dolpo is one of couple of bastions of legitimate Tibetan culture. This range is to a great degree remote. Hardly any travelers or even Nepalis envision influencing this to long and troublesome trip. Be that as it may, this is absolutely why this Upper Dolpo trek bids to those searching for a genuine social ordeal and a radiant enterprise.

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